At Apartments Colells we are animal lovers, that's why we allow pets to enter, as it could not be otherwise! They will have at their arrival a little gift to welcome them.

However, we ask that you to accomplish with the internal regulations that we have established to be able to offer this service, and that is as follows:



There is no additional cost for pets.



A single animal is allowed per apartment / studio. Always with prior reservation and subject to availability. In the event that they are two small dogs (maximum 10 kg), we can consider the option of welcoming them in the same apartment. 

please note that only pets such as dogs and cats are allowed, with a maximum of 25 kg. 



The animal owner must come with the relevant documentation completely updated. This includes the passport and vaccine book. Andorran regulations stipulate that all animals must be properly identified with a chip. 



The acceptance of animals is linked to a welfare of all our guests, that's why if the animal causes unrest among the neighbors, the establishment can request the abandonment of the building, without economic return. 



In order to preserve the materials provided in the apartments, we ask that the use of the beds, sofa and sofa beds fr the animals be avoided, which means that they cannot climb on them. You cannot use any sheet or towel for them. .



Animals must be tied up or in a cage in public areas (reception, corridors). It is forbidden to enter them into recreational areas. 

It is also forbidden to leave the animal alone at the apartment to avoid discomfort to neighbors and to avoid any damage within the same apartment.