Thanks to the collaboration with PARKSPA Mountain Wellness Club, our guests can enjoy relaxing experiences, just 3 minutes drive from the apartments!! e

You have at your disposal the following facilities and services:

- Fully equipped fitness room with last generation Life Fitness machines. 

- Personal training service. 

- Stretching room.

- Multipurpose room for activities such as Yoga, Pilates...

- Water zone.

- Spa Circuit and relaxing zones. 

- Wellness zone with health, beauty and wellbeing treatments.

- Green Salon: beauty and styling salon. 

- Changing rooms. 

Due to the control of capacity of spaces, it is essential to book in advance (entry is maximum for 2 hours). 

10 - 12 h: Spa Relax (only Adults)

12 - 14 h: Spa Family (entry allowed for kids between 0-11 years accompanied by an adult)

14 - 15 h: Technical shutdown, disinfection and ventilation of the facilities. 

15 - 17 h: Spa Relax (only Adults)

17 - 19 h: Spa Family (entry allowed for kids between 0-11 years accompanied by an adult)

19 - 21 h: Spa Sensations


  • 1 day adult                                  27€
  • 1 day junior                                 23€
  • 1 day child                                  17€


  • 3 days adult                                 73€
  • 3 days junior                                62€
  • 3 days child                                 45€


  • 5 days adult                                114€
  • 5 days junior                                 97€
  • 5 days child                                  72€


  • Massage Park spa 90 min.  115€

Personalized massage according to the need of each person. You can choose the massage technique you want in each area and make your own treatment. We recommend: anti-stress back massage, circulatory legs, foot reflexology, face massage with mask and craniofacial massage. 

  • Massage Fitness. Recuperador muscular 45 min.  60€

Active back and legs massage, designed for muscle recovery after a sports day. We release fatigue and pain, regaining muscle functionality.

  • Extreme 45 min.  55€

Extremes massages: scalp and foot, recommended after a trip or beginning of a few days off. You will release tension and fatigue and help induce the body to a wellbeing and disconnection. 

  • Massage Mountain lovers 75 min.  180€

Romantic ritual of wellbeing in couple, includes relaxing body and facial massage with aromatherapy of pure essential oils of jasmine and sandalwood that enhance the feminine and masculina essences.  

  • Massage Family Duo 25 min.  70€

Relaxing tandem massage of the father or mother with the child to live and experience of wellbeing and health in family. 

  • Massage Món Màgic 25 min.  30€

Gentle and relaxing massage with special oil for children that helps balance sleep disorders, atopic skin and hyperactivity. 

                                                                                                                                       SPA RITUALS

  • Reina d'Egipte 90 min.  135€

Beauty ritual performed with salts and mud from the Dead sea, with exotic fragrances and soft nuances of incense and myrrh, rejuvenates the skin returning natural beauty and attractiveness. It strengthens female self-esteem and inner strength. 

  • Oasis de Serenitat 90 min.  135€

Ideal to restore inner harmony and connect with an attitude of respect for own vital rhythm. This ritual consists of an anti-stress body treatment, a nourishing and moisturizing facial treatment and energy balance with Tibetan bowls, 

  • Detox probiotics 80 min,  120€

Body treatment to restore softness, firmness and vitality of the skin. With draining and detoxifying properties with live prebiotic and probiotic products, derived from human microbiome research, in skin care. 

  • Sensuality (Yin) Especial Dona 90 min.  150€

This body and facial ritual inspired by the most feminine flowers changes the way we walk trough life. It makes a woman feel more beautiful, more sensual, more vital and creative...loving herself more and feeling herself more confident. It seduces with its arome of rose, jasmine and neroli from the sensuality product and connects with the feminine essence. 

  • Tranquility TM Ritual 80 min.  120€

Facial cleaning and deep exfoliation ritual with double Japanese cleaning and connective and aromatic body massage that acts on the contractures, relieving muscle tension and providing great feeling overall wellbeing of body and mind. 

  • Ritual de la son 50 min.  85€

Sensory body massage. Indicated to perform after 17h00. It act on three sensory pathways smell, touch and hearing promoting sleep and physical balance. 


  • Exfoliació corporal 30 min.  35€

Cleaning body treatment to achieve a soft and radiant skin , without dead cells or impurities. 

  • Exfoliació corporal + hidratació personalitzada 50 min.  65€

A soft and radiant skin without dead cells or impurities accompanied by a personalized moisturizing massage according to the need of each skin. 

  • Massage anti stress 25-50 min.  40-75€

Energetic and deep massage that helps to oxygenate and relax muscles and body tension.  

  • Massage stones 75 min.  85€

Massage with hot volcanic stones, which relieves joint pain, osteoarthritis or arthritis. It brings relaxation and wellbeing to the body.  

  • Massage Silueta 50 min.  70€

With the help of a kinesiology test we will choose which product is best suited to each treatment: Reducer, body sculptor, anti-cellulite or tissue firmer. And massage is carried out with the most specific techniques for each need. (lymphatic drainage, mobile suction cups, activating massages ...)

                                                                                                                                       FACIAL CARE

  • Purificació facial. Neteja profunda 75 min.  80€

Deep cleansing treatment, which prepares the skin to receive any kind of treatment. We will customize the product to be applied and if you need beard removal we will do it very carefully. We recommend that you do this deep cleaning 4 times a year, one at each change of season.

  • Eternal Youth 90 min.  125€

Combination of high natural cosmetic products of natural substances such as honey, marine components such as mud or algae, elements of the earth such as white quartz and the contribution of fire such as alchemical moxa and anti-aging massage techniques, the resulting synergy translates into a visible result of tissue reaffirmation, luminosity of the skin and a general feeling of wellbeing indisputable source of beauty.

  • Tractament facial anti edat amb Probiòtics vius 80 min.  90€

Probiotics protect our skin from pathogenic microbes that accelerate aging. With this treatment you will achieve a cellular balance and a healthy and radiant skin.

  • Especial men's skin 75 min.  90€

Specific treatment for men. Ideal for all skin types, sensitive or irritated due to daily shaving, dry and dull or oily and with beards.

  • Express natural skin 25 min.  45€

Express facial care treatment. Gentle cleaning, exfoliation and moisturizing mask that will provide quick hydration to the skin and a radiant tone.

  • Nueva mirada 45 min.  50€

Deep regeneration of the eye contour. It decreases wrinkles and signs of expression, decongesting the bags and relaxes the area giving an appearance of luminosity and natural beauty.

                                                                                                                                      HOLISTIC THERAPIES

  • Massage DOSHA 75 min.  90€

Massage inspired by Ayurvedic medicine made with aromatic herbs such as passion fruit, rosemary, turmeric, basil and horsetail. With anti-inflammatory, analgesic, revitalizing and relaxing properties.

  • Massage Tibetan 50 min.  70€

Head, back, leg and facial massage, with friction maneuvers and energy points to balance the energy of the Lung that is related to the nervous system, so we will treat and prevent disorders such as stress, anxiety and insomnia.

  • Chacra balance 75 min.  85€

Balancing energy and emotional treatment. Through the test of the 7 main chakras that make up the central canal, energy and emotional blockages are treated with subtle aromatherapy of pure essential oils, followed by a relaxing massage and an alchemical moxa.

  • Aromateràpia personalitzada 75 min.  90€

With the combination of the purest essential oils and the most natural vegetables, a personalized master formula is formulated to work, the body, the mind and the emotions with a sublime relaxing massage.

  • Moxa alquímica 20 min.  25€

Heat application technique of a sagebrush cigar on the second chakra to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health of both women and men. Providing the following benefits: Regulates and harmonizes menstruation, migraines, constipation, vitality, strengthens the immune system, increases sexual pleasure and inner wisdom.

  • Flors de Bach 45 min.  55€

Bach flowers are a series of natural essences used to treat various emotional situations, such as fear, loneliness, stress, anger, depression ... Through this treatment we can balance your health through emotions.

                                        THERAPEUTIC MASSAGES        

  • Esportiu 25-50 min.  48€ - 85€

Active massage with stretching and joint manipulations to alleviate and prevent discomfort and muscle injuries.

  • Comfort legs 25 min.  45€

Circulatory massage, located on the legs and feet to activate and improve circulation and leg heaviness.

  • Drenatge limfàtic 50 min.  65€

Vooder massage technique based on pumping the main lymphatic chains of the abdomen and legs, which improves fluid retention and detoxifies the body.

  • Reflexologia podal amb aromateràpia 50 min.  65€

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, different parts of the body are stimulated by reflex points on the feet. It helps eliminate toxins, balances and improves health.

  • Recuperador muscular Indiba 60 min.  80€

Recovery of muscle fibers with the application of the capacitive and resistive energy of the patented system of Indiba, Indicated for the relaxation and the muscular preparation before and after the physical activity and sport.



With the new patent Cell Bost Technology intensifies and enhances the results of the treatments:

  • Increased metabolic activity.
  • Tissue detoxification.
  • Activation of endogenous recovery mechanisms.
  • Increased cell metabolism.
  • Activation of cellular nutrition.
  • Increased blood flow, oxygenation and tissue drainage.


  • Facial anti-aging 60 min.

1 session  60€  /  3 sessions  160€  /  6 sessions  280€  /  10 sessions  460€

  • Silhouette 90 min.

1 session  75€  /  3 sessions  180€  /  6 sessions  350€  /  10 sessions  580€​

  • Located 40 min.

1 session  45€  /  3 sessions  120€  /  6 sessions  220€  /  10 sessions  330€


  • CO2 FACIAL 60 min.  50€

Deep cleaning facial treatment with the application of pure oxygen. Indicated for dull and devitalized skin.

  • PRESSOTHERAPY  1 session: 10€ / 3 sessions: 25€ / 5 sessions: 40€

Circulatory and draining mechanical massage of legs, abdomen and back. Indicated to improve fluid retention, circulation and relaxation.

                                             SALON DE BEAUTÉ


  • Lip  5€
  • Eyebrows  6€
  • Eyebrows design  10€
  • Armpits  7€
  • Arms  15€
  • Groin area  12€
  • Groin area Brazilian style  18€
  • Groin area integral style  25€
  • Chest / Back  18€
  • 1/2 Legs  20€
  • Whole legs  30€



  • Basic manicure: File + mail polish 30 min.  30€
  • Complete manicure: File + nail polish + cuticles 50 min.  50€
  • Basic pedicure: File + mail polish 30 min.  40€
  • Complete pedicure: File + nail polish + skins 50 min.  60€
  • Shellack nail polish 15 min.  10€
  • Remove permanent enamel 15 min.  10€

                                 HAIR BEAUTY ** GREEN SALON


  • Woman  45€  Phillipe Venoux  80€
  • Basic man  20€  Phillipe Venoux  60€
  • Trendy man  25€  Phillipe Venoux  75€
  • Haircut + barbershop  30€
  • Children 0-5 years  10€  Phillipe Venoux  25€
  • Barbershop  15€



  • Shampoo + brushing  30€  Phillipe Venoux  50€
  • Hairup 75 min.  50€  Phillipe Venoux  75€



  • Day  25€
  • Party  45€



  • Permanent color  45€
  • Balayage  95€
  • Californians  95€
  • Natural reflexes  75€



  • Straightened hair  80€


​TREATMENTS (Lotions and masks)

  • Restructuring  10€
  • Hydratation  10€
  • Volume  10€
  • Sensitive  10€
  • Lenitive  10€
  • Color  10€